Rock Fest 2021 at the Tellus Science Museum

With school out for the summer, if you’re looking for a fun science activity for your kids, bring them to the Tellus Science Museum this weekend, June 12 and 13, for the 30th annual Rock Fest.

This rock fest doesn’t involve Ozzy Osbourne, but rather gems and minerals.  There’s even a giveaway for a genuine amethyst.  The kids can learn basic tool making skills from an Emory anthropology student, and you can purchase a geode and have it cracked open to see what’s inside.

Local dealers will also be there, including Amber America, Ken Dodd, and Eagle Sportz.  Admission is $15.95 plus tax. The Tellus Cafe will offer food and drinks to hungry guests.

The Tellus museum itself is well worth the price of admission, with exhibits including a massive T. rex skeleton and other fossils, the Solar House, and the Weinman Mineral Gallery, which includes gems, gold, and exhibits where the kids can learn about plate tectonics.  

(Image courtesy of the Tellus Science Museum)