Michael C. Carlos Museum

The Michael C. Carlos Museum is located in Atlanta on the campus of Emory University.  Employees of the university have utilized conference rooms for work retreats as well as various departmental meetings.  

The museum is small in terms of square footage, but it’s a neat place to visit.  Both school and public tours are available, and their calendar includes lectures on various types of art as well as reading programs.  

Collections curated at the museum include ancient Greece and Rome:

Buddhist and Hindu art from South Asia, such as this sculpture of the Hindu goddess Vishnu:

Ancient Egypt, including mummies and sarcophagi:

There are also smaller collections of Mesopotamian and Assyrian art and artifacts.  Be sure to visit the museum’s bookshop, which has many books available for curbside pickup, as well as jewelry inspired by the art collections.  The Ebrik Coffee Room offers visitors coffee, pastries, and snacks.  

Parking for the museum is available at two of the university’s parking decks: Fishburne Deck (located on Fishburne Lane) and Oxford Road Visitor’s Deck (1390 Oxford Road, Atlanta).  Prices for parking depend on the number of hours spent on campus or at the museum.  

If you’re planning a company retreat or conference, check out the edible arrangements from Sweet Cheats bakery and coffee shop.  Catering is also available from the university.

Collections in the museum can be viewed online via the link above.