Cherokee Bluffs Park encompasses 168 acres and is located in Flowery Branch.  Its amenities include two dogs parks (one for small dogs, one for larger dogs), hiking trails, an amphitheater, picnic pavilions, and a playground.  

(Hiking trail)

The trails are used by walkers, runners, and mountain biking.  The trail itself is a 2.1 loop trail with some water features and manmade structures, such as this bridge.  The trail is also dog friendly, but make sure your dog is always leashed.

Some user reviews of the trail and park can be found here:

The park, located off Blackjack Road, encompasses 168 acres.  There are picnic pavilions which can be rented, and a small enclosed lodge (which has a capacity of 64 people) for meetings or parties.


Cherokee Bluffs is by no means a large state or national park, but if you’re looking for a fun way to spend a lazy summer afternoon, bring some water and snacks and hit the trail.