Tybee Island, part 2

Of course, the main attraction on any island is the beach (or beaches).  Tybee is no exception.  The north end of the island tends to be quieter than the southern end, but both offer amazing views of the Atlantic Ocean as well as places to rent kayaks, paddleboards, or take fishing trips.  We saw a pod of dolphins on our visit, and dolphin watch tours are also available.  

Tidal pool, north end of Tybee Island

Along the beach, you’ll see many rock formations with tidal pools, where you can see fish, barnacles, crabs, and mussels.  These pools are found at the intertidal zone, where land and sea meet.  At high tide, water collects in these depressions and, at low tide, the water recedes and the tidal pool is formed.  

If you head down to the south end of the island, you can find the Tybee Island Marine Science Center, where you can view ocean life in aquariums of various sizes, or register for a walking tour of the beaches with a guide.  

Whether you have a long three-day weekend or a full seven-day week to spend here, you’ll enjoy spending your hours on the beach.

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